Teaching Science with Toys!

Individual classrooms can participate in our Teaching Science with Toys series. Order one of our kits for your classroom and recieve all the materials necessary to teach your class all about pendulums, the gyroscopic effect and more! Each kit also comes with lesson plans, teaching guides, and student handouts. To preview each programs teacher's guide or order a kit for your classroom please click one of the following:

The BUILD-A-SKILL PROGRAM teaches children the art of yo-yo play as a P.E. activity. Students can learn multiple basic yo-yo tricks in just one session.

Our DuncanĀ® Professional visits your school with Duncan Yo-Yos to be used during instruction. The history of the yo-yo is discussed (did you know the yo-yo is the second oldest toy?) with emphasis on Yo-Yo Safety Rules. Basic yo-yo technique is taught hands on. If requested, we can provide a presentation for your school's entire student body which covers the history and the physics of the yo-yo.

Duncan Yo-Yos are then made available to purchase. There is no minimum purchase required. Duncan will return up to $1.00 to the school for every yo-yo sold provided the school handles the sale of the yo-yos.

Duncan is the largest and oldest manufacturer of yo-yos in the world. Since 1929, Duncan Toys Co. has been the king of the yo-yo market. We offer our "Build-A-Skill" Program all across the United States and Canada. Our team of demonstrators and instructors promote the sport of yo-yo at numerous contests, events, and gatherings all across North America. Duncan is also a major supporter of the World Yo-Yo Contest, National Yo-Yo Contest, and numerous local, state, and regional yo-yo events.

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