Limited Edition - Duncan = Love Echo™

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Available NOW through the week of Valentines Day! So BUY NOW before they are gone only 100 Available!

Adding to the De-Luxxe? series of high performance aluminum yo-yos, we are proud to announce the release of the new precision machined Echo? yo-yo.

Made of aircraift aluminum, Echo features a large sized ball-bearing axle and SG Sticker response system. Echo also includes optional plastic side caps for added weight. It's body also features groove rings which reduce friction during grind tricks. These features allow todays most difficult tricks to be performed on a yo-yo that is very affordable compared to the competition.

Available in six different colorful anodized finishes!

Echo is for experienced yo-yo players and is unresponsive. Meaning that it does not return to the hand when you tug the string. To bring the yo-yo back to your hand you must do a "bind". Instructions are included.
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