Heritage: The Duncan Yo-Yo Story (DVD)

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For over eight decades a classic toy has brought smiles to the faces of millions of children and adults alike. That toy is the Duncan® Yo-Yo. A toy that has over eighty years of history is sure to have a great story behind it, and Heritage: The Duncan Yo-Yo Story tells that story. Discover a rich history of a classic toy by joining Duncan Yo-Yo Professionals of past and present as they share their memories, history, and heritage of one of the world?s most popular toys, the Duncan Yo-Yo! Filmed over a three year period in over ten countries, Heritage: The Duncan Yo-Yo Story is an educational yet fun to watch film featuring modern and classic yo-yo tricks, interviews, vintage footage and archived photos that haven?t been seen in over 60 years! Heritage: The Duncan Yo-Yo Story is packed with sixty minutes of fun and education; and is perfect for classrooms, libraries, and any DVD shelf.
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