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Duncan Juggling Equipment & Props
Durable and easy to use, Duncan® juggling balls are made with brightly colored 4 panel vinyl shells and filled with plastic beans making catches comfortable and eliminating bounce when dropped. Each Duncan Juggling Ball set includes an instructional CD-Rom for learning juggling basics.
Made of durable plastic, Duncan® Juggling Clubs are perfectly balanced with each club weighing 195g. These extremely price competitive clubs are great for beginner club juggling. Each set includes 3 clubs and an instructional CD-Rom that makes learning club juggling easy and fun!
Duncan® Juggling Rings are great for any juggler beginner or advanced looking to step out of the norm of ball and club juggling. Made of durable plastic and perfectly balanced, Duncan Juggling Rings are fun and easy to use! Each set includes 3 rings and an instructional CD-Rom that teaches juggling basics!
Combining Duncan®'s popular Juggling Scarves and Juggling Balls, the Juggling combo pack is a great value for beginner jugglers getting into the sport/hobby of juggling. Beginners start with the included scarves and graduate to juggling balls with practice. Each set includes Duncan's high quality scarves (3), durable juggling balls (3) and an instructional CD-Rom.
Duncan® Juggling Scarves are great for learning the basics of juggling and make learning easy and fun! Each scarf is made of durable, feather-light nylon fabric in bright colors for maximum visibility. Each set includes 3 scarves and an instructional CD-Rom that is perfect for learning the basics of juggling patterns.
No longer will diabolo players have to choose between a fixed axle and 1-way bearing diabolo! Duncan® now offers both in a single diabolo with Phoenix™! By hand tightening the Duncan knobs the player can quickly switch axles back and forth for variations in play and to accommodate any skill level. Featuring high speed roller bearing technology for low string friction and long spin times, Phoenix is the only diabolo that caters to beginner and pro players alike!
Looking to add flair to your Diabolo's appearance? With Duncan's shell packs you can easily change and combine the color of your Diabolo without having to buy a new one! Personalize your Diabolo and give it some style with 4 available colors. Each shell pack comes with 2 shells.